Hello 2018

Hello everyone! (Or, at least, anyone who reads this blog)

I can sense some awkward silence on behalf of my hypothetical audience as I type my first words again on this page. I haven’t written since December 10 of 2017, which was pretty much the last time I said that I should start writing more. Well, I have been writing. I wrote 2 complete songs in the past month, with melody, rhythm, and piano chords, but I have not recorded them – so I guess it’s not really complete yet.

But new year, new me. Just like I say every year.

This 2018 my first agenda, and most likely the agenda that summarizes all my agenda for the year, is to be more knowledgable and cultured.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, drink
Here’s a photo of me and my love, Lawrence, celebrating the new year.


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I Got New Rules, I Count ‘Em

Since this morning, I was going through lists of house rules on the internet to get ideas on what to write on my own. However, as I go through 10+ pages of Google results, I keep seeing lists that are only inspired by American moms who cannot seem to control their kids and teenagers in the house. It is full of items such as “no yelling, no cursing, no horsing around,” which frankly doesn’t apply to me and Lawrence – or Haley and Bumber – nor does it apply to the three other adults that we live with separately.

Despite being uninspired by most of what I found, I came up with the first draft of house rules for our new house in Queens Village. My family consists of myself, my partner, and our two maine coon cats. Hopefully, there’s someone out there who can get ideas from this list of house rules that I created.


House Rules

These rules contain guidelines for a clutter-free living along with a healthier state of mind and body. While KC and Lawrence will try to follow these rules at all times, we suggest that all members of the household should follow it too to ensure the longevity of our personal and mutual belongings, as well as the physical state of our new and lovely home.


  • General


      1. Buy one thing at a time. Be conservative of money and other resources.
      2. Ask before you borrow. If you see something that you do not recognize, there’s a high chance that it is not yours. Do not use it until you get approval from the owner.
      3. No yelling. It never solves anything any faster and it adds stress!

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Inspired by Nik’s Newsletter

What I’ve been up to

I recently graduated from college! Prematurely. I still have 6 weeks of summer session for Advanced Experimental Psych and another Psych elective for fun but also because I think I still need to take one. I’m also still working in a physical therapy clinic in Queens as a medical receptionist. Whenever my friends ask me how it is working here while studying for something else, I just always say that I like how I literally learn something new everyday. Whatever I learn in school as a Psych student (soon graduate) is totally different from what I learn from the physical therapists who I work with. Also, I become familiar with a lot of medical terminology and learn medical insurance billing processes so that’s always a plus when working in health care.

What I’ve been thinking about

I’m always thinking about the near future. I have different pros and cons list for different career paths that I may choose to take. I also made charts and graphs of potential outcomes and incomes in my depleting savings account. I listed the prerequisite classes that I’ll need to take if I do decide to pursue higher degrees, plus the time it’ll take to finish the prerequisites and finish the higher degree. I dream about prospective family plans with the love of my life. For now, I want to focus first on that 6-week summer school in July-August and take baby steps from here.

What I found useful

Jacob Ibrag, a classmate who I met in college, created Eyes + Words Writers Group where writers using different social media platforms can help and support other from all over the world, and aspire new writers as well. Lawrence Rodriguez, the Socially Anxious Writer, also has some new additions in his poetry section that I find inspiring and quite interesting topics in poetry form.

What made me laugh

I recently found out that truTV still has Top Funniest! I used to watch shows like that when I was a kid. I remember not liking the ones that involved older men and women because it felt like they’ve experienced serious pain on the “funny” videos, but I really did love the ones with kids showing off their weird talents or just plainly showing off and messing up.

What inspired me

One of my closest college girlfriends who has-it-all but is still down-to-earth graduated with me from college as summa cum laude! I couldn’t be prouder! Like, I told her that I know she’s smart and I know she definitely works hard, but damn girl! She’s definitely one of the reasons why I stayed in college during the toughest semester that I’ve had, and she’s also the reason why I came back to the academic program where we met. She inspires me to be a tougher, more hardworking and smartworking version of myself. Knowing all that she’s been through and where she is now gives me courage that I can tackle as well whatever comes my way.


Finally Friends

September 8, 2016

It’s a normal Monday night
We’re writing about the speed of light
One year has passed as if t’was nothing
Looking back it meant to me everything

Grateful for every road trip fights
We argued until everything feels right
Compromise, a word you like to say a lot
Compromise, a thing we seem to do a lot

We’ve written a page or two
Not a single love story about me and you
Focused on our own individual strength
But we work as a team to the world we project

I never wish for Monday nights like this to end
We set more Friday dates, cause finally we’re friends
A prose of my love to you I never sent
A toast to us, fingers crossed and bent

Friday Favorites # 13

Two weeks away from finals week, I was BI-ed (badly influenced) by a video gamer friend to purchase a PS4 game that was on sale from a Gamestop as we were passing by one. On top of this impulsive digital purchase for myself, I also got my boyfriend his own copy of the game so that we can get to play together in co-op mode… AND TBH THIS GAME IS JUST PERFECT.

Image result for dying light
Photo from YouTube

I’ve always said in a couple of blog posts and even IRL that my perfect game scenario would be a post-apocalyptic world like Fallout 4 but with multiplayer mode so that I can play in the same server with my boyfriend and we can save each other in times of trouble and can also loot together like the hoarders that we are (in video games, because we like crafting, in video games). Dying Light is my kind of game in a sense that I get to fight the zombies that I like (running ones) with melee or kicking them because guns will attract the attention of a bigger horde, an added intensity and difficulty of gameplay when it’s nighttime in the game, plus missions/quests of running errands for NPCs, and PARKOUR!!! (The Office reference), and play as a double agent but kind of cares about one mission more than the other. I don’t know. I just started playing a week ago… non-stop.

Dying Light would have been “perfect” if I was allowed to customize my character completely. That’s usually the first thing that I look for in a game, being that I am a “The Sims” kid. My playmates, who are my old roommates’ boyfriends, laughed at me when I told them to wait for me because I want to change my clothes using the Player’s Stash before going out on a mission. When we all used to play GTA V Online before, changing my clothes was the first thing I did too before we head out and “kill people for a living.” If Dying Light adds customizability in their future games, it will be one of my favorite game franchise of all time.

This week, I am obsessed with Dying Light. Last week, I was obsessed with The Sims 4. I was able to install it on my laptop after putting most of my school stuff on cloud and accessing them on my Samsung Tab E. After installing the game for 17 hours, I got it to work smoothly. My character, Castlea, was a journalist, who married Lawrence, also a journalist. After getting married and bearing a child, she became a stay-at-home mom while working on her creative writing, and Lawrence continued to climb the corporate ladder in the world of journalism. Not bad at all. Meanwhile, real Cassela did not get to accomplish anything IRL that day.

After these 2 weeks of unproductivity in real life, I realized that I am not the type of person who gets addicted to food or drink or anything that most people intake and then does something silly to their brain/body. I get addicted to activities: brain stimulations that I get from being exposed to a highly immersive experience. I honestly believe that I can live without coffee but it’s so easy to make/get coffee, so why not? But with video games, I intentionally hid PS4 adapters, my PS4 controller charger, etc. so that it will be highly inconvenient if I get the “need” to play because I need to focus on school right now. All that work, and I still fight through it. Because I fought through it and worked hard to get my “dosage,” I go all the way and play for as long as I can.

I am not the type of person who gets addicted to food or drink or anything that most people intake and then does something silly to their brain/body. I get addicted to activities: brain stimulations that I get from being exposed to a highly immersive experience.

I guess my Friday Favorites this week is video games. Dying Light and The Sims 4. Quite an odd combination. Also, quite an odd time of the year to be obsessed with video games. I have to focus on school.

Two weeks…

Letting Go of Nail Polish, etc.

Hello everyone! (This will be my second entry for this week because of the blog entries that I’ll need to catch up on. Hopefully this won’t feel rushed when you and I reread it.)

Welcome to my newest entry on my “Letting Go at 24.” For this month of April, despite what I said in my previous blog entry, I’ve decided to let go of something that has been a big part of my teenage and adult life. Nail polish!

My “addiction” to nail polish started in my early teenage years. I was a big fan of Go Younha, a Korean singer-songwriter pianist who had inspired me to write my best written songs and poems (IMO). She had long nails and amazing nail art, and she played piano gracefully while she sang the songs that she wrote in a language that was not her native tongue – Japanese. Since the beginning of her career in Japan, I’ve followed her journey. She sang Houkiboshi (Comet), an ending theme song from the anime BLEACH, and I learned to play it on piano despite its difficulty level that was unfit for my piano playing skills at that time. When she moved her singing career to Korea, Younha made a music video of her first Korean single, Password 486 and if you do decide to watch it, you’ll know what I am talking about. #NAILART

Image result for Go Younha
Singer-songwriter, Go Younha, inspired me to write songs.
Image result for Go Younha piano
Go! Younha was released in 2005. I am not fluent in Japanese but I know all the words in this album up to now.

Almost a decade later, I am still super addicted to nail polish. I find it relaxing to maintain my nails at a certain length and change its color every week or so. My old fast food jobs did not stop me from doing my nails. My more recent office job with quite strict dress code of only wearing pastel colors on nails DID NOT stop me. I guess it’s not as bad as I’ve seen other people do it, and it still doesn’t look like I own an entire nail salon collection. However, it is still bad for what I want to accomplish.

No automatic alt text available.
I like having nail polish on because it makes me feel like I could get away with not wearing bracelets. I hate wearing bracelets.

I want to get to a point where everything that I have in life are things that I need; things that I will use. Before, I bought tank tops in all colors available from F21 because I want to have it just in case I’ll need it. I acquired every color that I like on a good quality nail polish brand, and it got to a point where I have stale unopened bottles of nail polish.

It was a huge waste of money and I don’t want to go back to being that kind of consumer again.

Today, right after I finished my classes and wrote my semi-final paper in Sociology, I made a big decision and got rid of more than a dozen colors of nail polish. Everything that I haven’t used within the last 3 months (considering that I change my nail color every other week), I disposed. I kept only 2 colors; a nude brown color that I know I’ll use all the time, and a millennial pink color that goes with any of my outfits because of how neutral and chic it looks. I am not looking to purchase anything, or in this case any color, anytime soon. Hopefully, this huge “letting go” decision would mark a good start and soon I’ll be more willing to dispose off of other things.

Friday Favorites # 12

Hi everyone! Welcome to another segment of my WordPress Friday Favorites blog.

Today, I decided to talk about my recent splurge (aka the impulse buy) from my previous blog entry. My new (but an old model) Samsung Tab E 9.6 tablet and its keyboard! My eBay order arrived yesterday, and as a matter of fact I am using it right now to type this journal entry. Super convenient!

This whole transition into minimalism made me realize that on top of my wardrobe and books that I still have a hard time having less of, I have also accumulated a lot of things in paper form. Being a reader and a writer, I am dangerously obsessed with office supplies. Paper, paper clips, binders, notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, bullet journal materials, etc. You name it, I most likely have it. I also hoarded books to the point that I have only read maybe a quarter of all the books that I own. I made the decision a few months ago to digitize my book collection and also write more on a tablet or type in a computer instead of writing on a piece of paper. So far, so good.

My new Samsung tablet will serve as my school and personal notebook. It’s very light and it’s convenient to use anywhere. Since I am almost done with school, it will only be my personal notebook soon. I am planning on writing short stories or poems here and I like the fact that if I do want to reread what I’ve written everything is synced with my Samsung phone as well. I will also use this tablet as my email responding device because despite having Swype keyboard on my phone I still do not get the satisfaction of having 0% grammatical errors in the things that I send to professional contacts.

I got a constellation design on my tablet cover (as I talked about in my previous blog) because it’s a “Galaxy” Tab.
Fintie bluetooth keyboard from eBay as well

It’s been a good experience so far with my new tablet and its accompanying bluetooth keyboard. If both of these things were not compatible with each other, I wouldn’t have gotten either of them. I am writing about a “material thing” in this Friday Favorites entry but deeply it means something more. I am going forward with digitizing my reading and my writing and this is one of the biggest steps yet that I am now willing to do in my transition into minimalism.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this entry!

Income tax return = impulse buying!!!

OH NO! Yes. You read the title right. I BOUGHT SOMETHING.

After a couple of shopping fasts that I’ve diligently done since January of this year, I gave in! A quick window shopping on eBay’s Daily Deals made me actually shop! And it’s not just that…

I started the month of April pretty bad. On top of not being able to find time to write on my blog, which in the past had given me a good insight into what I am doing as opposed to what I should be doing, I also did not do anything that I am supposed to be doing. My blog entry on “Caffeine Minimalism” was a pretty good hit for a beginner on WordPress, but I haven’t followed through with it because I need coffee in my life. I bought a new pair of pants from my sister’s new workplace because of her tempting (and now tempted) employee discount that extends to friends and family. I also gave in and bought a MAC Tendertalk Lip Balm (in sheer coral) because I was inspired by doing another blog about “Makeup Minimalism” but then it defeats the purpose of minimalism because I ended up buying something. Beginning the second week of April, I went to see Late Night with Seth Meyers live in NBC Studios in Midtown and just being around the merch of everything that I loved growing up made me purchase a lot of things in the gift shop, which I do not regret. On the third week of April (which is this week, and it’s only Tuesday), I had my time of the month and that made me really emotional so I bought a Samsung tablet pretty much because it was on sale.

Image may contain: coffee cup
From NBC Studio’s gift shop, I got a big Central Perk mug that is as big as what Phoebe used in FRIENDS and a World’s Best Boss mug with a Dunder Mifflin logo like Michael Scott’s in The Office.

One funny thing (but not really) about my impulse buy was the way that I justified my purchase. I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 from eBay for only $100, so that was that. A brand new one still sells at $200 from the Samsung official website so I guess I got a pretty good deal with it. Upon realizing that this is a steal, I bought it a keyboard case for around $30 as an accessory/protection although that could be deemed unnecessary. It’s a “Tab E” and my boyfriend’s middle name is Edward. (I know it doesn’t make sense.) And the case that I picked for it has a constellation design because it’s a “Galaxy” tablet. At this point, I am just thinking of how my old 2015 version of Amazon Kindle tablet that I bought for $50 sucks now, and how bad I want (probably even need) a new one.

I received my federal and state tax return in its entirety this week and because I work long hours and I was also a full-time student for the majority of 2017, the government gave a lot of the taxes that I paid back to me. Last year’s return was used to pay for my trip to the PH with my boyfriend. This year’s return was used to pay for this spring semester’s tuition fee while I still get to save up and pay for summer’s and buy stuff impulsively.

When I started talking about pursuing minimalism as more than just a lifestyle, I knew that I don’t want to buy things anymore. It was easy back then when I was living a broke college student life, but the satisfaction of having less gave me a good kind of high. I told myself that even when I start making decent money after graduating, I still don’t want to buy things.

Let’s see about that.

PS: I wrote this journal entry to keep my fellow readers and bloggers updated on where I am in my journey to minimalism. IMO, I took 3 wide steps forward since the beginning of 2018, but starting April I took at least 2 steps back. Still, wish me luck on this journey!